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From my Studio to your Door!


The work that comes from the studio(s), yes, I have more than one Studio, ("the clean studio" and "the dirty studio") is a mix of various mediums.  

  Here you will find What I'm up to and into currently.  Today, I may want to work on my silks, tomorrow clay, next week cast paper sculptures. 

In other words ,if you see something you would like to purchase from this store and it's not there the next time you visit, it may be that I've moved onto the next series of work in whatever medium calls to me at that time.

I've given myself permission after 40 years of creating and marketing all I have mastered in various mediums, the Freedom to explore and create what ever calls to me at the time.

Please feel free to shoot me an email if you ever have any questions.

About Us

Lynn Marie Naden

Artist and owner

Lynn Marie has been a self employed Alaskan Artist since 1990. Known locally as a Multi-media artist and art instructor in Homer Alaska. Her inspirations are the flora and fauna that surround her home studio.